Sunday, April 18, 2010

Some future posts

Some educational posts I'm contemplating for the next few weeks / months:

  • The tritium trick (both versions)
  • Materials science problems in GenIV & fusion
  • Experimental techniques in nuclear materials engineering
  • Will we ever control fusion?
  • Are NIF and Z good investments of taxdollars?
Comments and suggestions welcome.


  1. It's your blog... handle comments whichever way you feel like. No need to explain or apologize.

    But watch out for the blur, in your interesting list above, between "educatonal" (please tell me about the tritium trick!) and "opinion" (by all means let's debate various fusion research programs).

  2. Ohhhh! My first feedback! Thank you. The tritium trick will have to wait until after the "electron microscopy" entry in the "Experimental techniques in nuclear materials engineering" series.


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